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We are multi-disciplinary in our work
What advantages does this have for you?

The challenge

Planning, design and construction is increasingly becoming an industrial process with a hierarchically determined distribution of responsibilities, involving a multitude of specialists and countless interfaces.

Renovations and new-build projects of limited size demand a lean organisation structure, with a limited number of people with broad specialist knowledge communicating clearly and personally with all involved parties.

A key requirement for efficient project execution is direct communication between the project manager, the construction supervisor and the participating tradespeople.
Our offer:

Space, structure and building services come together as a unit in our work.
These three elements are considered in the design, right from the start.

Planning and implementation from a single source.

Experience in construction law and in dealing with authorities.

In our work, we take advantage at an early stage of the wide-ranging experience of our network of tried-and-trusted tradespeople.

Extensive experience, less work distribution, fewer interfaces.
  Your benefits:

Timeless architecture, attractive living and working spaces, optimised costs.

Flexibility for future changes of use depending on phase of life, e.g. living – living and working – living in old age.

I am personally responsible for all aspects of your project: architecture, costs and programme.

Speedier planning permission process and reduced risk of appeals.

Lower building costs.

Simpler and clearer communication, speedy project execution.
















Offer Reference projects Publications Contact/Network

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